Saturday, July 2, 2011

Enviironmental Blog for District 24-D

Due to our District 24-D recent election of a new District Governor, this blog  will become the official Blog of District 24-D Environmental for the Lions Year 2012-2013 (as of July 1, 2012). As Environmental Chairman for the District, I would love to collect club pictures from all our clubs on this blog.

I will be doing the update from now on. 
  • We are saving cans to raise charity funds.
  • We are conserving water whenever we can.
  • We all recycle whenever we can. 
  • We are looking for ways to help in our community.
Plastic is everywhere in our lives. It is a huge convenience in our lives, but it also creates a major problems: how do we get rid of it.   Due to advances in recycling technology, we don’t have to—we just need to be aware and committed enough to recycle properly.  Recycling is really simple; all it takes is a sense of awareness about your waste.

The Container Recycling Institute report

Recycling is easy once you get into the habit.  Make a conscious effort to pay attention to which bins you throw your bottles and containers into and soon it will become second nature!

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