Friday, July 16, 2010


  • Evaluate community needs
  • Partner with local organizations
  • Determine the best project for the community
  • Review Lions Green Team resources
  • Plan the procedures, materials needed, and a budget
  • Submit the plan to Lions Club, District, and/or Multiple District leaders for approval
Once  approved, the project chairperson should:
  • Obtain municipal permits
  • Place event posters throughout the community
  • Recruit Lion volunteers (or prospective Lions)
  • Provide protective clothing for volunteers
  • Create Large Lions signs for the project
  • Invite the media to witness - or participate in - the Lions environment project through press releases
  • After the project:
  • Provide a certificate of appreciation for participants
  • Update local media on the success of the project
  • Thank all sponsors
  • Submit final report to Club, District, Multiple District and International Headquarters.

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